At Weber<br>We’ve Got Your Griddle

At Weber
We’ve Got Your Griddle

From savory smashed burgers and fajitas to fluffy pancakes and eggs, bring the fun and flavor of griddling to any backyard, tailgate, or even Sunday brunch – on the grill you already have, or on one of our premium stand-up griddles.

New Weber Griddle

Wake Up and Griddle

Featuring a specially engineered burner system, this high-performance griddle is designed to provide fast, even heat from edge-to-edge. Scramble cheesy eggs, toast paninis, smash juicy burgers and delight guests with the Weber Griddle. 

New Full Size Griddle Inserts

Transform Your Gas Grill Into a Full-Size Griddle

The full-sized griddle seamlessly fits into your existing gas grill so that you can go from grilling to griddling within seconds. Engineered to seamlessly fit your 2016+ Genesis and Spirit 300 and 400 series grills.

Griddle Inserts

A Griddle For Every Grill

Whether gas, charcoal, wood pellet or electric, if you’ve got a Weber grill, we’ve got a griddle accessory that fits—including the latest from the WEBER CRAFTED Outdoor Kitchen Collection.

New Griddle Accessories

Griddle Essentials

Easily flip burgers, stir fry veggies, melt cheese and scrape your cooktop clean with Weber’s special assortment of griddle tools.

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