Indirect Heat on a Premium Gas Barbecue

What is Indirect Heat?

Indirect heat is where the fire or burners are on one or both sides of the food. The food sits above an unlit section of the barbecue. This can be as simple as turning off one or more burners on a premium gas barbecue, while the food sits above the unlit burner(s). Think of it as converting your barbecue into an oven.

This is perfect for any food that will take longer than 20 minutes to cook, for example; larger or tougher cuts of meat, like whole chickens, whole joints of meat, ribs or even if you want to do some baking!

For specific burner settings for preheating and cooking with indirect heat it is best to refer to your barbecue’s handbook as each barbecue varies.

Indirect High Heat

Indirect high heat (230°C to 260°C) creates intense roasting temperatures. It is used for chicken wings, or as an initial cooking setting to crackle the skin on a pork roast then it is finished by roasting with indirect medium heat.

Indirect Medium Heat

Indirect Roast

Indirect medium heat (190°C to 230°C) is the traditional roasting setting. This is the best method for roasting all of your favourite meats like whole chicken, legs of lamb, roast beef, root vegetables etc.

Indirect Medium-Low Heat

Indirect Gas Baking

Indirect medium-low (170°C to 190°C) is the baking setting. It is fantastic for baking cakes, biscuits, pastries, puddings or brownies.

Indirect Very Low Heat

Indirect Ribs

Indirect very low heat (100°C to 130°C) is a cooking method for cooking foods over low heat for many hours. This is suitable for tough cuts of meat like ribs, shoulder, shanks or brisket

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