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Cooking with Gas

Cooking with Gas

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  • 3 Hour(s)

Join us for a hands-on cooking experience across our range of 3 - 6 burner premium gas barbecues – including the Spirit II, Genesis II and Summit ranges.

Whether you’re an existing gas barbecue owner, considering a purchase or just coming along for fun, discover the convenience and versatility of cooking with gas. From grilling the perfect prawn, creating crunchy crackling on a pork belly roast, reverse searing an impressive tomahawk steak to baking fluffy scones – this course is as diverse as our barbecue range!

Courses are capped at 20 attendees to ensure that all guests can get as up-close-and-personal as they like. Your ticket includes all food and beverages during the experience, and the event concludes with a sit-down shared meal.  

  • Learn how to grill, smoke, roast and bake on Weber’s premium gas barbecues – Spirit II, Genesis II and Summit barbecues
  • No previous experience required – we’ll show you everything you need to know
  • Enjoy this three-hour hands-on experience with time to dine on the delicious food
5 Course Menu
  1. 1st Entrée  
    Entrée: Sweet and Sour Prawns
  2. 2nd Main Course  
    Main Course: Thai Beef Salad
  3. 3rd Main Course  
    Main Course: Pork Belly Roast
  4. 4th Accompaniments  
    Accompaniments: Seasonal Sides
  5. 5th Dessert  
    Dessert: Ginger Beer Scones
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Weber Grill Academy - Adelaide
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