Cooking with Charcoal | Weber Grill Academy
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Cooking with Charcoal

Cooking with Charcoal

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  • 4 Hour(s)

Journey with us back to where Weber barbecuing first began on the Kettle and cook over a selection of solid fuel barbecues. Learn how to 'reverse sear' to create the ultimate steak, and pair smoked foods with delicious sides and dessert. This course covers cooking on both Australian lump charcoal and Weber briquettes. Featuring the WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain), Summit Charcoal, and Mastertouch Plus Kettle barbecues in this experience, alongside a range of charcoal compatible accessories.

  • Cook over a selection of solid fuel Weber barbecues
  • Use and understand the difference between lump charcoal and Weber Briquettes
  • Enjoy a four hour experience with time to dine on the delicious food
5 Course Menu
  1. 1st Entrée  
    Entrée: Chicken Buffalo Wings
  2. 2nd Main Course  
    Main Course: Reverse Seared Steak
  3. 3rd Side Dish  
    Side Dish: Smoky Beans
  4. 4th Side Dish  
    Side Dish: Charred Garlic Bread
  5. 5th Dessert  
    Dessert: Individual Berry Cobblers
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A$ 189.00 per person incl. GST

Weber Grill Academy - Weber Grill Academy - Adelaide

Level 3, 142-144 Fullarton Road
5067 Rose Park

5067 Rose Park

Weber Grill Academy - Adelaide
Weber Grill Academy
Level 3, 142-144 Fullarton Road
5067 Rose Park