Experience SmokeFire | Weber Grill Academy
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Experience SmokeFire

Experience SmokeFire

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  • 3 Hour(s)

Discover the difference in this specialty wood fired cooking experience, designed to introduce the newest barbecue in the Weber range- the SmokeFire. With its 95C-315C temperature range, SmokeFire has the versatility to sear the ultimate steak, smoke low and slow, and everything in between.

  • Specialised course on Weber's first wood-fired pellet barbecue
  • Infusing smoke, technology and Weber flavour into one amazing experience
  • Enjoy a three hour experience, with time to dine on the delicious food
4 Course Menu
  1. 1st Entrée  
    Entrée: Lamb Ribs
  2. 2nd Main Course  
    Main Course: Whole Roast Chicken
  3. 3rd Main Course  
    Main Course: Grilled Steak
  4. 4th Side Dish  
    Side Dish: Roast Vegetables
Please consider ... Cancellation Policy
A$ 159.00 per person incl. GST

Weber Grill Academy - Weber Grill Academy - Adelaide

Level 3, 142-144 Fullarton Road
5067 Rose Park

5067 Rose Park

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Weber Grill Academy - Adelaide
Weber Grill Academy
Level 3, 142-144 Fullarton Road
5067 Rose Park