Our latest shared dining experience

Asian Barbecue Feast


At the Weber Grill Academy Adelaide, we’re thrilled to announce our newest experience – a dining experience fusing the delicious flavours of Asia with the smoky art of barbecue.

Join us for our Asian Barbecue Feast, where you can soak up barbecue demonstrations and enjoy the company of others in our seated dining area.  

As you step onto the all-weather balcony, you’ll enjoy the stunning views of Adelaide’s CBD and the parklands, and indulge in the first taste of the evening: mini crispy pork banh mi alongside an Asian inspired cocktail. 

Then settle into your seats in the dining room, where entrée awaits. Barbecued sweet and sour prawns, grilled to perfection, are sure to have you licking your fingers and Thai beef salad with Nam Jim dressing bursts with vibrant colours and flavours. 

Prepare your palate for the main course, where more barbecued delights await. Salt and pepper chicken thighs, crispy and succulent, alongside fresh and crispy teppanyaki vegetables. But the real showstopper? Smoked sticky pork ribs with plum vinegar glaze—another sweet, salty and sour flavour explosion. And don't forget the fragrant coconut rice, the perfect accompaniment to soak up all those tasty juices. 

As the evening draws to a close, satisfy your sweet tooth with an Asian inspired dessert: ginger lime tea cake with palm sugar syrup. Each bite is a symphony of flavours, combining the zing of lime with the warmth of ginger and the sweetness of palm sugar—a fitting end to a truly unforgettable meal. 

Throughout the experience, the Weber Grill Academy team will guide you through the menu, offering insights into the art of barbecue and top tips for recreating these dishes at home. Your ticket includes 3 beverages, and there is a fully stocked bar for additional purchases. 

So, if you're ready to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other, gather your friends or family and reserve your seats at the Weber Grill Academy Adelaide.