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Lookin’ Ain’t Cookin’

We have an old saying here at Weber that is considered the golden rule in grilling. If you're lookin', you ain't cookin'! Every griller should live by this mantra as the golden rule upon which great grillers are built.

So what does it mean? Simple, keep the lid closed when you are grilling. Grilling with the lid open is a bad habit which is done by amateur grillers, and Weber grillers know the key to perfect backyard grilling is a closed lid 

If you are looking to raise the level of your grilling abilities this step is essential. By keeping the lid open, the grill will lose heat and cause your foods to be grilled longer. By keeping the lid closed, you allow the Weber grill to do what it was designed to do, grill!!! Keeping the heat inside the grill, the food will grill faster and be more flavorful.

One major advantage to grilling with the lid closed is controlling flare ups. Weber grills are designed and engineered to eliminate flare-ups. This is done by our legendary flavorizer bar system, which is the heart of Weber® Gas Grills. A single row of Flavorizer® Bars eliminates annoying flare-ups by vaporizing juices and creating the smoke that gives every meal that barbecue flavor.

 For the charcoal lovers out there, the genius of a Weber kettle's design is that it allows hot air to circulate throughout the grill. This circulation allows for perfect convection-style grilling. By keeping the lid closed throughout the grilling process flare ups are virtually eliminated and food is grilled to perfect.

Again, it's important to recognize that Weber grills are designed and engineered to grill your food to perfection. I know it might be difficult at first, but one of the most important things you can do is trust your Weber. I promise it will not let you down.