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Tip Tuesday: Can Your Weber Q Connect to an RV Propane System?

The Weber Q series has been around for more than a decade, and in that time it’s grown to be one of our most popular models, especially for things like tailgating and camping.

A lot of campers out there have recreational vehicles, and many times there will be a built-in propane system in the RV.

A question that comes up often is whether a Q series grill can be connected to an RV propane system. The answer is yes and no.

A Q series grill can only be connected to a propane system that uses a QCC1 style connection, which is the screw on type that most standard propane tanks use today. If the RV propane system uses a quick disconnect style connection, the grill won’t be able to connect to it properly.

For Q models like the Q 1000, 1200, 2000 and 2200, they can be connected to a QCC1 style connection by using adapter hose # 6501.

If you are not able to hookup your Q series grill to your RV, but are still looking for a larger capacity tank, you can use adapter hose # 6501 to attach your grill to a 20 lb. tank. If you have any questions reach out to us at or 1-800-446-1071.