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Happy Holidays From All Of Us At Weber

Would you consider yourself a Winter Griller?  We love the die-hard grillers; those of you that brave the elements are the dedicated and truly fanatical grillers.

In one of our recent Grill Watch Surveys we learned that more and more grillers are shoveling a path to their grill in December and January (for our Chicagoans and other Northerners), in fact we have 48% of grillers saying they grill twelve months of the year.  All of us at Weber find the holidays a great time to fire up our grills. 

We have already shared some fun recipes that work for large holiday crowds.  Many of us are preparing our homes, building our menus, getting in the spirit and doing a lot of last minute shopping. 

We thought it would be fun to share a video from our colleagues in Europe.  Enjoy the holidays with your family.  And please share your favorite winter grilling recipes with us…so we can advance our grilling repertoire in 2015.  Happy Holidays from all of us at Weber.