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Satisfy Everyone This Father's Day

There is nothing quite like grilling up a celebration meal for the man who not only is your husband, but also your best friend, amazing father to your children, and incredible partner in life. In our house, we are nothing short of grilling enthusiasts when it comes to grilling all parts of our meal each night. So preparing his favorite meal from Weber is always fun; but then comes the complexity.

While he enjoys Grilled Thai Shrimp with Watermelon Salsa, there is no way that our 5 children will eat that without a few complaints. Instead of becoming a short order cook, I take the original recipe and make a few things out of it.

For the boys I make chicken, marinated in the same dressing I use for the shrimp and serve it with watermelon.

For the girls, they enjoy the shrimp and watermelon salsa, but I leave out the spicy parts.

Although it’s a little more complex, they all enjoy it and we get a chance to sit around the table and enjoy a fresh, grilled meal together to celebrate the man we love, who takes care of us, and provides us endless hours of laughs and love.