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Smokey Joe Travels America

Follow the story of two Weber Grill Smokey Joes traveling through Iconic American landscapes with the Grill Academy Experience Team on Instagram and Twitter.  Its simple just search key word WEBERACADEMY!

So far Smokey has visited; the Lewis and Clark Trail, The Mitchell Corn Palace, Grand Ole Opry, Deadwood South Dakota, Martin Luther King Museum, Vidalia Onion Factory, Hilton Head Island, Augusta International Golf Course, and the Zen Garden.

Lewis and Clark Trail

Mitchell Corn Palace

Grand Ole Opry

Deadwood South Dakota

Martin Luther King Museum

Vidalia Onion Factory

Hilton Head Island

Augusta International Golf Course

Zen Garden

On the West Coast Team we have Caleb and Kevin .  So far Smokey and the boys have visited; St. Louis Gateway Arch, Mt. Rushmore, Seattle Space Needle, The Alamo, Texas A&M, University of Texas, and the Texas State Capitol.

St. Louis Gateway Arch

Mt. Rushmore

 Seattle Space Needle

The Alamo

Texas A&M and University of Texas

Texas State Capitol

The Weber Smokey Joe is a small portable kettle grill that is an innovation from the 1952 Weber Kettle Grill invented by George Stephen.  Back during the 50’s George loaded up his truck and visited mom and pop hardware stores to show everyone his creation and from there they say, “The rest is history.” 

Flash forward to 2014 and we have the Smokey Joe traveling all throughout America, visiting many different places.  The journey for Smokey and the Grill Academy Experience team has only just begun.