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Keep the "Fireworks" Out of Your Grill

Here are some quick tips to make sure you are prepared for the safest 4th ever by checking just a few things before the guests arrive.

Stand-up and portable Gas Models



Check for leaks on your LP tank!
Whenever changing or disconnecting an LP tank, perform a leak check when the tank is reconnected.  A simple soapy water solution applied to the connection is all you need.  With the control knobs off, turn on the tank. If bubbles form, DO NOT USE THE GRILL! There is a gas leak.Try a different tank!

Brush the burner tubes!
Using a clean Weber stainless steel brush, brush across the portholes to clear all oxidation and debris from the ports. 

Do not brush lengthwise, as that may push more into the holes.  Blocked portholes can cause a back flash fire.

Check the cookbox!
Excess grease can collect on the sides of the cookbox over time.  Grease is flammable!   Use a plastic scraper to push all grease into the bottom tray (grease tray).

Clean out the bottom tray (grease tray)!
Use a plastic scraper to push all of the excess grease into the catch pan.   Again, grease is flammable!

Empty the catch pan and toss the aluminum catch pan liner! 
Replace the catch pan liner. Remember, grease is flammable!

Charcoal models


Clean out and dispose of the excess ashes and unburnt charcoal from the bowl and ash catcher before you begin.

Visit these links on to see how quick and easy this is.
Gas Models
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Charcoal Models

Now you can safely cook up some great food and sit back and enjoy the fireworks!