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Father's Day Grilling Guide

Show dad how much you love and appreciate him with a few ideas and pieces of advice from all of us at Weber. Whether dad is going to fire up the grill this weekend or put his feet up and let mom and the kids do the cooking, here are our top tips, tricks and recipes to make dad a backyard hero!


Spare dad the embarrassment of another overcooked steak or underdone chicken with an iGrill.

If you're grilling on charcoal this weekend be sure to stop at Home Depot or Lowe's and pick up plenty of this

If dad has been really good this year, get him one of these

If dad has been really, really good this year, get him one of these

If dad has a charcoal grill or smoker this, this and this are no brainer gift ideas. 

Does dad like beer? Save one for this....

If he's more of a wine drinker, check out our tri-tip and wine pairing suggestions. 

Help dad impress the neighbors with this baby back rib recipe

And, while you're making those ribs, be sure to follow these tips...

If you really want to show dad how much you love him, wake him up with this

Help dad master the art of a charcoal grill steak with tips from the Weber Grill Master. 


Happy Father's Day to all the dad Grill Masters out there!