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Burner Tubes- Time to Replace? Maybe Not!

We are often contacted by consumers who are sure their burners need to be replaced.   Quite often, they really don’t need to be.

The burner tubes in most of our gas grills are situated right below the Flavorizer bars or heat deflectors.  They distribute the flames through their portholes to provide even heat throughout the grill for excellent grilling. If the flame pattern is uneven or lazy, take a closer look at the burner tubes to determine their condition.

Brushing these portholes with a clean Weber stainless steel brush can keep them clear of oxidation and debris.  Always brush them across the ports, not lengthwise.  This should be done at least once a year – more often if you grill year-round.

When performing this cleaning, you may find that the burners look rusty, and think they are no longer viable.   

In this photo, the burners appear to be rusted or corroded, but a simple brushing clears the portholes, making them functional again, producing an even flame pattern. 

These do NOT need to be replaced!

When the burners have cracked or split, or the portholes are linked together, or the burners are falling apart, it is time to replace them.  The photos below are burners that have passed their functional use.

These burners DO need to be replaced!

So, don’t let rust or corrosion be your guide to burner replacement!  Food never touches the burners, and cleaning will keep them burning for years to come.   When the time finally comes for replacement, visit to find burners or contact us for assistance.