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When The Teacher Becomes The Student

Last month Weber had the opportunity to learn the “trade secrets” of BBQ Nirvana from Pit Master and Weber Smokey Mountain Master, Harry Soo.  The experience was life changing and being around Harry was an experience this Grill Master will never forget.

Working for Weber, it's part of the job to be the teacher. We constantly educate and inspire average grillers to rise to extreme grilling levels.  I get to enjoy so many great educational experiences which have led me to realize that I will always be a student of BBQ.

It seems the more I know, the less I know. Because the science and art of BBQ is constantly changing, there is always something to try and learn from.  Going through Harry’s BBQ Insanity class really taught me a lot and made me realize there will continually be information to learn, build upon, and give back to others.

I was very fortunate to spend three days with Harry. Even having the unbelievable opportunity to gain insight from him while we prepared for his BBQ insanity class during day one, was more than enough.  

I was able to learn so much, but most importantly, I was able to see how much he loves BBQ and teaching others. That is the common bond my new BBQ brother and I will always share.

During our BBQ Insanity class fifteen Weber employees and I were all students of Harry’s teaching.  From setting up the pit, to the fabrication of pork shoulder, ribs and brisket, we all learned something new and were totally inspired.  

The best part of the time with Harry was when I realized he competes as a one-man team and uses his Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker to dominate competition after competition. 

As Harry says, “where else in the world can $300 and a pit get you the opportunity to cook against the best Pit Masters in the world?”  Our Smokey Mountain Cooker is a world class product that provides world class results in BBQ competitions around the world.  So from Weber to Harry, thank you for your passion and your dedication to our products. 

The teacher became the student during this session and we hope this relationship continues for years to come.