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Who is Mr. Weber?

It’s inevitable. I’m traveling somewhere, the Weber logo on my bag, and I hear from behind me, “Oh, I know Mr. Weber!”  Which launches us into a fantastic conversation about ribs, pork shoulder, and burgers.

For those of us truly “in the know”, there is no actual Mr. Weber. The real story begins with George A. Stephen, proud father of a growing family (12 kids in total!) who worked at Weber Brothers Metal Works making great spun metal objects, most importantly the metal buoy that would one day inspire him to make the first Weber grill.

I would have loved to be there the day that he saw that round shape and the genius idea to fabricate a grill was born. It was his ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit, and courageous attitude that drove him to make Weber what it is today.

Once his sputnik looking invention started to set the world on fire (pun intended) he bought out Weber Brothers Metal Works and kept the name. Besides, who would have wanted to buy a grill called a “Stephen”?