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Top 10 Uses For A Drip Pan

I always love getting asked, “What do you get someone who loves to barbecue but has everything?”  Well the answer is large drip pans!

Large drip pans are one accessory that can often be overlooked, but they are an essential piece to any grill master’s barbecue arsenal.  Grillers always need and use them, but they can easily run out of them if they aren’t careful. It’s a gift your favorite barbecue enthusiast is guaranteed to use and will always appreciate. 

Here are my top 10 uses for large drip pans:

  1. A perfect dish for you to bake your favorite barbecue side dish.  
  2. Used as a heat sink inside your grill for low and slow temperatures.
  3. A perfect container for collecting drippings from your grilled foods (one of my favorites).
  4. A simple way of keeping the inside of your grill clean.
  5. A great way to separate charcoal when using the indirect method.
  6. A place to keep large portions of food warm on the grill.
  7. A container or a roast holder which you can add fruits and vegetables to while grilling.
  8. A container for soaking wood chunks and chips.
  9. A temporary storage for food or leftovers (you won’t have to dirty another dish!).
  10. Finally, a “grate” holiday gift.