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Memories with My Weber

I, like so many other Americans, grew up with a Weber Grill in the backyard.  The memories for me, started at a young age.  My father restores antique period furniture for a living and is excellent at building things.  My earliest memory of grilling goes back a few decades.  

My father built a nice wood table, cut 2 holes in the top and dropped 2 kettles in it.  I have great memories of grilling and hanging out at home.  We still do it to this day. That table has seen its day but we’ve made sure to put a couple nice Weber’s on my Dad’s patio for him to entertain with.       

I found my love for cooking at a very young age; Right around 10 or 11 if I remember correct.  I was the guy in Boy Scouts who had to do all the cooking.  I wasn’t much for washing the dishes but cooking I loved.  The summer camp I went to used large rectangular box grills with a door on the front that we called “Sheep Burners”. It took forever to heat up but when you did it ripped for hours.  There was a silo that came off the back to pump the smoke into the air and off it went. 

Growing up in a large family, food and entertainment has rubbed off on me to this day.  I love having people over but even more I love grilling.  I am working on passing these traditions down to my son, who loves to eat more than he does cook.  He’s still young so we have time. 

Last year, I brought him home his first Weber.  He’s young and a smaller kid so we started with a Smokey Joe.  He was super excited!  That night we fired it up and cooked some burgers on it for the family. 

Grilling has always been a pillar and staple in my family and I hope what my father passed down to me, I can pass down to my son.  Cooking on a Weber Grill is not just about cooking.  It’s about enjoying yourself and making memories. 

To all the Fathers out there, Happy Fathers Day!!  Now go out and make some memories!!