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Holiday Gift Guide

Top 5 Grilling Essentials
You can never have too many Barbecue Mitts.
Every charcoal really should have a Rapidfire® Chimney Starter/ Lighter Cubes
Flip all of your grilled foods with this Tool Set.
Time and temp are key, make sure your food is cooked all the way through with this Instant-Read Thermometer.
The Grill Brush is used before every single bbq.

5 Gifts for the Griller Who Has Everything
Take your grilling to another level with the Gourmet BBQ System.
There are at least 10 uses for Drip Pans, the Grill Master in your life is sure to get a lot of uses out of them.
Grill up some veggies or shrimp in this Grill Basket.
What's not to love about kabobs and they are easier than ever to grill with this Kabob Set
Get the gift your Grill Master can really use to show off his/her talent with a Rotisserie.

5 Stocking Stuffers
Add a little extra flavor to your meals with Firespice® Smoking Woods.
Cedar plank salmon is always a big hit and goes perfect with these Firespice® Cedar Planks.
There is nothing better than a burger! Keep the patties even with this Burger Press.
If the Grill Master in your life loves pulled chicken, pork or brisket then Bear Claw Shredders are a must have. 
One handed appetizers made easy with these Bamboo Skewers.

Get more holiday inspiration here! Share your #25DaysofGrilling memories with us!