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Introducing the Weber iGrill 3 High-Tech Grilling Thermometer

If you’ve ever cut into a steak and realized that your precious dinner spent a few minutes too long on the grill, you’re not alone. In fact, nearly half of all U.S. grillers today cut into the food they’re grilling to check if it’s done.* A big grilling no-no!

We are aiming to help guide beginner to experienced grillers to success with the launch of the New Weber iGrill 3 high-tech grilling thermometer, a Bluetooth enabled device that delivers grilling alerts and data directly to users smart phones.

The Weber iGrill 3 is exclusively compatible with Weber’s Genesis II grill line and fits in a water-resistant docking station positioned on the front of each grill. The iGrill 3 includes two temperature probes, but is adaptable to four probes (sold separately). The Bluetooth enabled device sends grilling data to an iOS or Android device within a 150-foot range.

The companion Weber iGrill App features convenient preset alarms, as well as handy time and temperature guides for a wide variety of foods, like steak and chicken.

In addition, the App features links to a collection of Weber’s most popular grilling recipes. For liquid propane Genesis II grills, the App sends automatic fuel level readings to users’ smart devices, preparing grillers when hosting a backyard barbecue.

Social sharing is easy with the Weber iGrill App, easy connection to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so users can share their grilling success stories with friends and family.

To get started with the iGrill® 3:

  • Open the door on the front of the iGrill® 3 to expose the probe ports
  • Plug one or more probes into the probe ports
  • Press the power button located at the front of the faceplate once, quickly
  • The display will flash, indicating that the iGrill® 3 is ready to pair to your smart device
  • Open the Weber iGrill app, get connected, and you are ready to go!

We know how it feels to obsess over your grilling, and it has never been easier now that the iGrill® 3 can be mounted directly onto your grill. Grill with confidence and ease, because by adding this advanced meat thermometer to your grill, the neighbors will be seriously impressed

*Weber Brand Health & Habits Study 2016