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Real Grilled Cheese

A wise man once told me to actually grill my grilled cheese.  He told me to be true to the name of the sandwich, and stop making it in a pan.  So I took his advice, went out to my Q (which is blue by the way, just to help paint the picture) and grilled—a grilled cheese.

Now I’m here to share grilled cheese wisdom with you.

Let’s get started!

What you need:
2 slices of bread

In order to make your basic grilled cheese all you really need is bread and cheese.  Feel free to venture away from the basics.  When I am making a simple grilled cheese sandwich I like to use sourdough because of its size and the great taste the grill gives it.

Feel free to try experiment with your grilled cheese sandwich! Try adding a few ingredients, or switching up the type of bread or cheese you use. I’ve made a grilled spinach tomato mozzarella cheese sandwich and it turned out delicious! Don’t be afraid to release your inner grill master!

Simple steps:

First create the sandwich! Take your two slices of bread and butter the outsides of both pieces.  Then determine the kind and how much cheese you would like to pack into the inside of the bread of your choice.

  • Preheat your Q on high.
  • Once preheated scrape off all remnants from the previous meal you made by using a cleaner brush and moving it vertically against your grates.
  • Once clean (or when you decide you are done with arms for the day) wait until the grill reaches 350 degrees Fahrenheit and place one side of the sandwich on the grill. Make sure the piece of bread is aligned with the grates in order to receive those nice grate marks—it adds a nice touch and highlights the fact that you are actually grilling your grilled cheese! Keep it on for 2:30 minutes.
  • Flip with a spatula and repeat. Double check to make sure the cheese has melted. If it has not, turn the temperature to low and let it sit for about a minute.  The porcelain grates retain their high temperatures for a long time, so it is important to be aware of that so your bread doesn’t burn!
  • Once done, use a spatula and place it on a plate to cool.

Boom. You just made grilled cheese in about 5 minutes.

A wise grill master once said #GrillOn!