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Bonfire Night Baked Apples

Serves: 4
4 Royal Gala / Zari apples
4 tbsps soft, dark brown sugar
1 tsp of cinnamon
Recipe preparation

Why not take advantage of Bonfire Night and bake these delicious apples. Roasted directly on the coals, you can keep warm whilst enjoying a sweet treat during the fireworks.

In the kitchen:
  • Remove the centre of the apple, using an apple corer. Place the apple onto a large square of double layered kitchen foil.
  • Mix together the brown sugar and cinnamon and pack into the core of the apple. Wrap the apple and gather together the foil to make a handle.
At the barbecue:
  • Place the apples on their sides, directly onto the coals and place the lid onto the barbecue. Cook for a total of 10 minutes, until soft and tender. Using tongs, quarter turn the apples throughout the cooking time.
  • Open out the foil, being careful of the hot sugar. Serve in the foil with a good lug of double cream. For a slightly sweeter apple, add a spoonful of either honey or golden syrup before cooking.