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Forget The Windows…Uncover That Grill!

Spring is the time where snow is gone and the sun says hello for a bit longer. In certain parts of the country (like the Midwest) the snow and sun are still arguing over who gets the remote. I guess we just need to be patient.

Have you uncovered your grill yet this season? What did you find? I lifted my covers a few weeks ago and I was, well, disappointed.

I realized I had not cleaned all of my grills like I should have. Grease and ash were still caked on. The burner tubes and Flavorizer bars needed attention. The chamber box on one of my igniters is rusty and needs to be replaced. My kettle bowls could also use a good scrubbing.

Grilling is fun. No, it's awesome. Right? It's even more awesome-er when you have a clean grill. Heat control and cooking times are more consistent. Flare ups are virtually non-existent. Your family will appreciate the time you saved in the end by cleaning ahead of time.

Weber has some great cleaning tools and cleaning products. We also have some great cleaning tip videos to show you how to get started.

However you choose to clean your grill, be prepared to flex your muscles. Make a family event and get the kids involved. Adults can handle the delicate parts and sharp edges. Grab some buckets of soapy water and put some of their elbow grease to work! You may even find extra time afterwards to wash the car.

Grill on. But not until it's clean!