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Can you really take it all with you?

Ignite adventureHave grill, will travel

Sure vacation time is great. But sometimes, to make it extra special, you need a little touch of the comforts of home. And if that means taking your grill with you, there might be a few things you need to keep in mind to make things easier.

Pack it in tight

Whether you’re bringing it on board or checking it in, packing your grill properly will be a challenge. Consider packing it in its original packaging and adding more bubble wrap or packing peanuts for extra shock absorbance. If the original packaging isn’t around, find a box or suitcase that’s close in size to your grill with a little wiggle room, and keep it safe from scratches with a premium grill cover. Fill in any gaps with bubble wrap or any packing material.

Taking your grill along is always going to be a risk, and all you can do is reduce this risk as much as possible with care and attention when packing. With this in mind, most airlines offer luggage insurance! Consider getting it for your grill in case the worst should happen.

Fuel up

Charcoal is a highly flammable material and while it might not appear on some prohibitive lists, you might have problems with bags of charcoal briquettes at the security screening. A way to get around this is to order your briquettes online ahead of your trip. Alternatively, look up any retailers at your destination.

Gas canisters, on the other hand, are not allowed on board in any capacity. You’ll have to order them online or find them at your destination.

Your best bet if you want to easily travel with a grill is with an electric grill like the Q1400 that doesn't require external fuel sources.

Use our handy store locator at STORE FINDER

to find your nearest Weber retail store for authentic Weber briquettes and more.

Keeping your tools on hand

We get it, using someone else’s grilling tools can be like wearing someone else’s socks. While items like tongs and spatulas might be alright in the flight cabin, knives are definitely not. So that leaves check-in luggage. Pack your knives in their original sheathes and wrap them in your clothes in your check-in luggage. Some online sources even cite leaving an explanatory note to custom officers to smooth your way through.

Flying with your grill can be a challenge but if you really want to achieve it, it can done with some care and managed expectations. But if you remain unsure, it’s completely fine to leave your grill at home. After all, they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Will it work?

Fuel supplies, laws and regulations differ in many countries. Find out ahead if the way your grill uses charcoal or gas is legal there to avoid disappointment.