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3 tricks for a grown-up Halloween treat3 tricks for a grown-up Halloween treat

We’re just days away from Halloween and while you might be past having the patience (and age) for trick-or-treating, it doesn’t mean you can’t throw together a simple soirée and have a bit of fun with your family and friends. Any reason is a good one to get together—and the theme for this one is already sorted! Here’s how we think you can keep your Halloween simple, adult and classy.  

Dim it down

So first things first—the mood. When guests step into your home, it should feel a little different than usual. No—you don’t have to carve pumpkins or hang up fussy lights and streamers. Instead, conjure a spookier atmosphere by simply leaving some of the lights off. Gather the random candles sitting around your home, pool them on a large dish or serving platter, and use them as the centerpiece in a focal part of your home—whether if it’s the coffee table in front of the TV, or smack in the middle of your dining table.     

"Treats not tricks"

Serve nuts in your treats mix instead of candy. Make it extra special and roast your own whole pumpkin seeds that contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber for a healthy snack option.    

Haunting delights

It isn’t Halloween unless you have a little kitsch in the works. Without going childishly over the top, simple visually Halloween snacks like spider cookies are not only fun to make and eat, they also look great on Instagram. Pumpkins, another staple for the celebration, can be featured via a hearty bowl of grill-roasted apple and pumpkin bisque. Though the ingredient is a nod to the changing of the seasons and colder autumnal months, the creamy bowl of comfort can be easily appreciated even if where you live doesn’t experience the falling of the leaves. For your spread, don’t forget to include all-time party favorites like the triple play barbequed chicken that are best enjoyed with bare fingers over a good spooky story.  

Poison vials

Whether it’s shots, basic cocktails or juice from a carton, be playful and serve them in test tubes for a Dr. Frankenstein-esque experiment-gone-wrong vibe. While this is more of a gimmick than actual taste, you can get creative and concoct some truly wicked cocktail creations beyond the obvious Halloween favorite—the Bloody Mary. Come up with your own names for your cocktails by including words with a tinge of mystery and danger, like venom, diablo or voodoo. Telling guests they're drinking ‘The Shaman’s Brew’ will certainly pique more interest than simply saying, “It’s sangria, but just served it in a tube!”