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Top Holiday Dinner Ideas

Planning out your holiday dinners?  Here are some fan favorites for you to try.

Prime Rib Roasts
These recipes are all fan favorites:

Prime Rib with Cognac Mushrooms and Pearl Onions

Herbed Prime Rib

Herb Crusted Prime Rib with Red Wine Sauce

Prime Rib with Garlic and Blue Cheese Dressing

Beef Tenderloin
6 flavor tips for beef tenderloin

Herb-crusted beef tenderloin with white wine cream sauce

Smoke your ham with pecan woods.

If you want to really enhance your ham, try it on the rotisserie.

This brine and Gravy turkey is always a fan favorite

Feeding a smaller crowd? Grill a turkey breast instead.

Try a rotisserie duck.

Grill a hoisin barbecued duck.

Give this scallop recipe a try.

Fans go crazy for the simplicity of grilling lobster.

The last post was so popular that we made this lobster tip video.

Follow this basic guide on smoked brisket

Get more brisket tips here.

Get more holiday inspiration here