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4 Tried, True And Delicious Recipes From A Mom's Perspective

Happy Mother’s Day!  There’s no better way to celebrate this special day than to get outside, share a tasty meal and RELAX. (Having someone fire up a Weber® grill and prepare something for you is an added bonus!) 

Fun Fact #1:  Over 25% of the primary grillers today are women (based on our 25th Anniversary 2014 Grill Watch Survey).  We love that so many women are firing up the grill!  We know many of you are mothers seeking a fun departure from the hot stove, and for that we celebrate and applaud you!!

Fun Fact #2 (maybe more scary than fun): In 1965, families dedicated close to 2½ hours preparing their family dinner, that was shortened to 12 minutes in 2012.  Everyone is seeking new, fun, healthy meals that are fast and easy to prepare.

I’m fairly new to Weber, and I’m continuously amazed at the variety of foods that can be prepared on a Weber grill.  As we kick start summer, let’s get adventurous and go beyond grilling just burgers and brats.  

Here are a few of my favorite recipes that are definitely worth sharing. 

(Please note these particular recipes lean more toward FUN than healthy!) 


Tried, True and DELICIOUS! 



Who knew you could bake a cake on your Weber grill? 

Surprise and delight your family and guests with this fun recipe. 


You will lock-in the position of BEST MOM EVER!


This recipe takes a time or two to master.  It’s both delicious and fun!

Share your Grilling Adventure at #myweber. 

Happy Mother’s Day!