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Which 2017 Models Come in Natural Gas?

Purchasing a grill is a big decision and you want to do your homework first. If you’ve made it to this blog, you’re on the right path!

If you're looking to buy a natural gas grill, you may be wondering which of our grills come with this option. Below is a chart showing the model numbers for both propane (LP) and natural gas (NG) models, so you can make sure you’re picking out the right one.

One important thing to remember, if a store doesn’t have a NG model in stock that doesn’t mean they can’t get you one.  Based on your location, NG grills may need to be special ordered. I’m in an urban setting and all I see are LP grills when I walk into my hardware store, but that doesn't mean they're not available in natural gas. 


GrillNG Model NumberLP Model Number
Q 32005706700157060001
SPIRIT® S-2104710000146100001
SPIRIT® E-3104751000146510001
GENESIS® II E-2106501000160010001
GENESIS® II E-3106601000161010001
GENESIS® II E-4106701000162010001
GENESIS® II E-6106801000163010001
GENESIS® II LX E-2406501400160014001
GENESIS® II LX E-3406601400161014001
GENESIS® II LX E-4406701400162014001
GENESIS® II LX E-6406801400163014001
GENESIS® II LX S-2406500400160004001
GENESIS® II LX S-3406600400161004001
GENESIS® II LX S-4406700400162004001
GENESIS® II LX S-6406800400163004001
SUMMIT® E-47072710017171001
SUMMIT® E-67074710017371001
SUMMIT® S-470727000197170001
SUMMIT® S-670747000197370001
SUMMIT® S-460726000197160001
SUMMIT® S-66074600017360001
SUMMIT® GRILL CENTER in Black             292101291101
SUMMIT® GRILL CENTER in Stainless Steel292001291001

It is very important to order the grill in the correct version. For safety reasons, we don’t allow conversions from one gas source to another (ex. LP to NG). 

If you’re on the fence whether to go LP or NG there are some benefits of NG. To start, you’ll never run out of gas. You’ll have an unlimited supply of gas to the grill and I don’t think anyone is going to complain about less trips to the store. Another benefit is after some initial setup costs, NG is more cost effective than LP. A drawback to NG is that your grill is fixed to a set location based on your NG line. You don’t have the mobility as with our LP or charcoal grills.

I’ve heard the myth that NG grills don’t perform the same as LP models time and time again. This is simply not true and I wish I knew where this tall grilling tale started. Both our LP and NG grills are designed to max out between 500-550°F. You get the same great performance regardless of the type of gas.

NG grills are more complicated to setup than LP grills.  For more information on NG grills please take a look at our 4 things you need to know about your natural gas grill blog. This will show you all the ins and outs of NG grills!

To help locate your new grill and member to your Weber family you can find both local and online Weber dealers here. Enjoy and grill on!