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Storing Items Under Your Grill

Most Weber gas grills have a storage area underneath the cooking area, which can be very convenient, but it’s important to keep in mind that it can get pretty hot in that area when the grill is running.

For this reason, we recommend that only non-flammable or combustible items be kept in the storage area. I personally keep all my grilling tools and accessories in my garage, but if you decide to keep anything in the storage area, stick with accessories made of metal, such as rotisserie shafts, grill pans/baskets or tools.

Items such as paper towels, wood chips or chunks, bbq mitts and grill covers should not be stored in the storage area, or even stored within 24 inches of the grill, while it’s in use.

Play it safe, and keep your grill in great condition, by keeping anything flammable or combustible out of the storage area and away from your grill!