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Can I Convert My Gas Grill?

Here in North America, gas grills run off of two basic types of fuel; propane (also known as LP, LPG or liquid propane), and natural gas, which is usually made up mostly of methane.

Each Weber gas grill sold in North America is designed to be used with one of those two types of fuel.

Propane gas grills usually use a standard 20 lb. tank, which are available at most hardware stores, specialty propane dealers, and also at convenience store/gas station exchanges. Propane grills are sometimes also run off of bulk propane tank systems, but they have to be connected using a Weber bulk LP installation kit (available by calling 1-800-446-1071).

Natural gas grills are connected to a home natural gas system, and the gas is typically provided by a utility company or municipal government.

Both versions of gas grills have their benefits and drawbacks. A propane model can be taken virtually anywhere, but will need to have the tank refilled or exchanged as needed. A natural gas grill will never need to have a tank refilled, but natural gas is not available everywhere.

The benefits and drawbacks I just outlined are the main reason why grill owners sometimes want to convert their grill. They may have a natural gas grill and have now moved to an area where natural gas isn’t available. Or, they may have a propane grill and don’t want to deal with refilling or exchanging tanks anymore.

However, due to safety considerations, the complexity of the technology and gas train components, as well as the level of disassembly required, we don’t allow conversions or provide conversion kits. Converting a grill will actually void the warranty on the unit and might create an unsafe situation.

This situation also extends to cases where someone may take a grill to a different country. Rules, regulations and fuels types vary all across the world, and a grill made for use in one country might not work in another. For instance, a grill made for use in the United Kingdom can’t be converted to work in North America, and vice versa. For more details on taking a grill to another country please click here.

It can be disappointing to learn that your grill can’t be converted, especially if it means you are no longer going to be able to use the grill, but safety should, and does, always come first.