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5 Things You Need To Do When You Get a New Grill

Welcome to the Weber family!  You’ve made a great decision purchasing a Weber.  You’ve got your choice cut of meat, your grilling tools and now you’re ready to go.  Before you fire up your grill take a few minutes to go over some important new grill tips.

1.  Registering your grill – Weber grills are backed by an outstanding warranty included with the purchase price of your grill. It’s important to protect your investment and registering your grill also allows us to know exactly which grill you have should you ever reach out to us. You can register your new grill for warranty by clicking here

2.  Read your owner’s guide – There is a wealth of knowledge in your owner’s guide.  I know most of the time these get tossed aside but I highly recommend you take a look.  You can download a copy of your owner’s guide if needed. From maintenance to cooking and operating advice, it’s all in there.  An area you should take special note of is the section on checking for gas leaks.

3. Remove any protective film – On certain parts of your grill such as your doors, lid, control panel, etc. you may notice a blue or white film.  This is used to protect those parts during the shipping process.  As soon as you take your grill out of the box that film should be removed.

4.  Understanding the control knob settings – It is important to understand the settings on your control knobs.  You start your grill in the start/high position.  As you turn your control knobs you go from high to medium to low at the farthest right setting.  More information on this can be found in the “main burner ignition and usage” section of your owner’s guide.

5.  Preheating your grill – Before each use we recommend preheating your grill to 500-550 degrees and then brushing your grates and clean with a Weber stainless steel bristle brush

Now get out there and have some fun.  Become a backyard hero and check out the Weber blog for grilling guides, tips, videos, and recipes!  And be sure to share pictures of what you're grilling with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!