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Summit Charcoal Grill FAQ

Summit Charcoal Grill FAQ

Dealer Locator

Q: Where can I buy the Summit® charcoal grill?

A: Find a dealer near you by clicking here

Rapidfire® lid damper

Q: What is unique about the Rapidfire® lid damper?

A: The new Rapidfire® lid damper functions similar to a traditional Weber lid damper in which it helps regulate the air flow throughout the cooking area, but it also includes a hinge within its design to fully open. This feature provides a chimney starter effect in which it allows the grill to ramp up in temperature very quickly as well as it helps the grill recover from lower temperatures. This feature provides ultimate control when it comes to regulating the temperature of your grill.

Diffuser plate

Q: What types of grilling should you use the diffuser plate for?

A: Many different types of cooking can benefit from the use of the diffuser plate. The main use really centers around grilling that requires maintaining low temperatures for a long period of time; smoking, roasting, etc. The diffuser plate is also a great solution when baking or cooking pizzas directly on the cooking grate.

Q: Why does the diffuser plate have hinged sides?

A: The diffuser plate design includes hinged sides to provide access below to add charcoal or wood chips/chunks during the cooking process.

Q: How should I clean the diffuser plate?

A: When using the diffuser plate, it is always recommended to use a drip pan(s) to minimize the grease build-up on the surface of the plate. Should the grease build up on the dffuser plate, the best method of cleaning is to warm the diffuser plate up during the next use and remove the grease build-up by scrapping it off with a steel wire brush. It is not recommended to clean the diffuser plate in the dishwasher.

Q: Where can I store the diffuser plate when not in use?

A: The diffuser plate can be stored on the bottom wire rack of the Summit® charcoal grill and inside the diffuser plate holder on the Summit® charcoal grilling center when not in use.

Fuel and fuel grate

Q: What is unique about the Summit® charcoal grill fuel grate?

A: The fuel grate for the Summit® charcoal grill has two positions dependent on the type of grilling that is chosen.  For direct and indirect cooking, the fuel grate should be set in the top position. For smoking, the fuel grate should be set in the lower position.

Q: What kind of charcoal can I use in the Summit® charcoal grill?

A:  For direct and indirect grilling, the Summit® charcoal grill will work equally as well using either charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. For smoking applications longer than 3 hours, it is recommended to use charcoal briquettes.

Q: Does the Summit® charcoal grill require the same amount of fuel as the Smokey Mountain Cooker™ smokers?

A:  No, the Summit® charcoal grill requires less fuel for longer cooks.


Q: What is the warranty on the Summit® charcoal grill?

A:  10 years         Lid and bowl assembly (no rust through/burn through)

       5 years          Stainless steel cooking grates (no rust through/burn through)

                             One-Touch™ cleaning system (no rust through/burn through)

                             Plastic components (no rust through/burn through)

       2 years          All remaining parts                              

General FAQ’s

Q: How do I light the charcoal using the gas ignition?

A: Similar to the side burner knob on the Summit® gas grill, the functionality of the Snap-Jet® ignition knob on the Summit® charcoal grill consists of pushing the knob in and slowly turning counter-clockwise until you hear the gas ignition snap on.

Q: How long does the Summit® charcoal grill take to preheat?

A: For direct and indirect grilling set-ups, the preheat time will take 20 minutes. For smoking, the preheat time is closer to 15 minutes. Keep in mind that in extreme cold conditions these times may increase slightly.

Q: How long does the small propane bottle last when using it to preheat the grill?

A: For direct and indirect grilling set-ups, the bottle will last up to 8-10 cooks. For smoking, the bottle will last up to 12-16 cooks.

Q: Is it possible to increase the cooking capacity on the Summit® charcoal grill?

A: Weber does offer a new accessory called the Expansion Grilling Rack that provides an additional 165 square inches of cooking area.

Q: Why does the lid thermometer sometimes fog up when cooking?

A: In order to prevent heat and pressure building up inside the thermometer, the design of the thermometer includes a pin hole that helps release pressure during cooking. Sometimes moisture penetrates the opening and creates condensation inside the thermometer glass. This does not indicate a broken thermometer. 

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