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Introducing the High Performance Burners on Genesis II

Ever since we introduced our first Genesis grill back in 1985, the burner tubes have remained more or less the same. Well, all that changes with the introduction of the Genesis II and Genesis LX series!

The most noticeable difference is the shape. Gone is the classic, round tube that everyone has been used to seeing. The burners are now rectangular and taper towards the end. This new design helps to promote a consistent and stable flame pattern, which will provide reliable results every time you grill.

Another noteworthy change is the design of the burner portholes. Our older burner tubes featured rectangular portholes that were flush with the surface of the burner. That design has been replaced by round portholes that rise up above the surface of the burner. The new design helps to keep any oxidation or corrosion from blocking the portholes, which helps improve the lifespan of the burner, as well as keeping the flame pattern as even as possible.

The air shutter at the base of each burner has also been redesigned. They are now rectangular as opposed to round.

An additional new feature is the handy bracket system which allows the burners to be removed very easily for maintenance or replacement, not that we’d expect you to have to replace them anytime soon!

We think our new burner design is pretty awesome, and they should last for a really long time, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t need a little bit of maintenance to keep them in the best shape possible and to keep your grill providing you with great meals! For some burner cleaning tips, please check out this blog. To learn more about Genesis II and Genesis II LX click here