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2 Must Have Tools For The Turkey Grill Master

Here are 2 must have tools for anyone that is planning to roast or smoke a turkey this holiday season.

Roast Holder
I like to put my turkey on a roast holder because it raises the turkey off the grates or drip pan, which will help give it great color and a more even cooking time.

Be sure to use a drip tray below turkey either below the grate or just under the roast holder. 

Put the turkey upside down in the roast holder for the first half of the cook. The turkey fits perfectly in the roast holder and it does a great job of keeping the cheesecloth close to the turkey. At the halfway point, remove the cheesecloth and flip the turkey.

Drip Pan
You will want to use a drip pan below your turkey to catch the drippings. 

The drippings make for a very tasty smoked gravy that will not disappoint. It provides a nice touch of flavor that everyone will enjoy and make you a legendary turkey connoisseur. If you plan to use your drippings for a gravy then be sure to add 1 liter of water, juice, beer or wine to the drip pan.

Before you carve into that beautiful bird, share your #BestTurkeyEver pictures with us! 

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