Original Kettle Premium Limited Edition

Back for a limited time,
the Original Kettle Premium Limited Edition red charcoal grill is back!

The image of the Weber Red Kettle is not only iconic but it is also the trademark of the Weber logo as all Weber fans would know.


Exclusive Bundle with free Mitt and Char Basket

Purchase the iconic Original Kettle Premium in limited edition Red and get a complimentary Mitt and Char Basket with your grill at just HK$4,380. Promotion valid till 31 December 2021.

14615001 Ac

Why the colour Red?

The Original Kettle dates back to 1952 when our founder George Stephen decided to build his own barbecue made out of buoys - put together by welding half spheres. He made mostly black kettles and was asked why there were only black kettles? Being a man of people, he listened to the views of people and delivered the first red kettle in 1961!

Red like no other.

The red kettles were initially enameled for Weber by external vendors and was slightly organgy-red. The coloured deferred slightly across external vendors in varied states but to be consistent, Weber decided to build its very own porcelain enamel shop, and only used external vendors if we could not keep up with the demand.

Handcrafted for Perfectly Imperfect

Weber Kettles have been seen in backyards for decades. The secret to their longevity is in the durability of the porcelain enamel coating applied to the steel lid and bowl, a process used since the early 1950’s. It is sometimes thought the porcelain enamel is painted on. This has never been the case. Let’s take a look at what makes a Weber Kettle so unique. Click HERE to find out more.