Born to Barbecue

We were founded on the belief that there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal outside with the ones you love. This premise is at the heart of Weber. We come to work every day with the drive, passion, and curiosity to make your next grilling experience on a Weber better than your last. And we celebrate the authentic connections that are made when we come together around the grill. Our table is open to all. Join us on the journey of discovering what’s possible.

George Stephen Weber displaying his Weber Kettle Grills in 1952 - Charcoal & Gas Grills Made In USA

Innovation to Delight Grillers Since 1952

In 1952, George Stephen took his love for barbecue - along with his passion for the perfect grilled steak - and combined them with a revolutionary grill design inspired by the shape of a buoy. This gave birth to widespread enthusiasm for the kettle grill and the start of what would become the world’s leading barbecue brand.

Weber welder at our factory in Chicago, IL - Charcoal & Gas Grills Made In USA

Proudly Made in the Chicago Suburbs

Today, we stay true to our Midwestern roots by continuing to manufacture grills in Huntley, Illinois, using only the best U.S. and globally sourced components. All of our grills are designed and engineered by a team at our Chicago headquarters, and every day our wide assortment of grills roll off the manufacturing lines at our plant in Huntley, Illinois. This ensures our grills are built with the durability, workmanship and quality that matter to grillers. More importantly, it allows us to support our local community by keeping jobs here in Illinois — where it all started at Weber. 

屋外でバーベキュー中のWeberペレットグリル - Weberガス&チャコールグリル

Reinventing the Backyard Experience to Delight Grillers Everywhere

Innovation is woven throughout Weber’s culture -- it's a vital principle our founder George Stephen instilled in our brand. This spirit goes into everything we do and everything we create as we continually transform the outdoor cooking experience.

Grilling Around the World

Millions of Weber owners from Chicago to Seattle, Paris, Berlin, Mexico City, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo and all points in between make up our Weber family. A shared love of cooking outdoors bonds this community, and we live to hear about your experiences, ideas, tips, and tricks. We’ve curated a collection of globally inspired recipes, answers to burning questions, and advice on how to up your grilling game. 

Grilling the Weber Way

Love grilling and wonder what to grill next? Find inspiration, watch how-to videos, and see how to use the latest Weber innovations to make the most of grill time.