Show Your Grill Some Love


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Sure, we are all thinking of how to demonstrate our love for our spouses, significant others, friends and family. But don’t forget your grill!!! After all, it has given you the best-tasting food ever and has been a part of your family for some time now. Isn’t it time to show it how much you care??

Whether you prefer cooking on a gas grill, charcoal grill or a smoker, follow these simple steps below. Not only will you love the food you cook, but your grill will love you back, giving you the best performance every time, and more terrific meals to boot!!

For Gas Models:

Check for leaks!
Whenever changing or disconnecting an LP tank, perform a leak check when the tank is reconnected. A simple soapy water solution applied to the connection is all you need.  With the control knobs off, turn on the tank. If bubbles form, DO NOT USE THE GRILL!  There is a gas leak. Try a different tank!

Brush the burner tubes!
Using a clean Weber stainless steel brush, brush across the portholes to clear all oxidation and debris from the ports. Do not brush lengthwise, as that may push more into the holes.  Blocked portholes can cause a back flash fire.

Check the cookbox!
Excess grease can collect on the sides of the cookbox over time. Grease is flammable! Use a plastic scraper to push all grease into the bottom tray (grease tray).

Clean out the bottom tray (grease tray)!
Use a plastic scraper to push all of the excess grease into the catch pan. Again, grease is flammable!

Empty the catch pan and toss the aluminum catch pan liner!
Replace the catch pan liner. Remember, grease is flammable!

For Charcoal Models:

Clean out all ashes!
Empty all ashes and unburnt charcoal from the bowl and ash catcher before you grill. Your charcoal will burn easier, and no burning ash will end up outside the grill.           

Visit these links on to see how quick and easy this is.

Gas Models

Q Gas and Electric Models

Charcoal Models

Remember to check grill brushes for loose bristles and excessive wear on a regular basis. Replace the brush if any loose bristles are found on cooking grates or on the brush. We recommend purchasing a new stainless steel grill brush at the beginning of every spring.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!