Ignite adventureGrill ride: eating healthy on the road


You’re planning the epic roadtrip you’ve always dreamed of and pretty much everything has been planned out in your mind—how you’re going to travel, where you’re going to sleep, the amazing sights you’ll see.  

Then there’s all the new food you’ll get to try—after all, sampling the local fare is essential to any travel experience. However, any seasoned traveller knows that too much of a good thing can quickly get old. If your trip is long enough, you’ll soon enough yearn for a taste of the familiar, especially if the extraordinary travel bites are leading to unusual rumblings in your digestive system!    

Bringing along your Weber portable grill can remedy this. On contrary to common belief, grilling is a healthy way of cooking that leaves the excess fatty drippings at the bottom of the grill instead of on your plate.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean plain salads all the way either. Simple choices like choosing chicken over red meat—chicken contains less cholesterol and saturated fat or seafood that’s high in protein make a huge difference to your diet in the long term. And if you’re naturally averse to fruits and vegetables, grilling them changes and enhances their flavor.  

Here are a few recipes featuring these ingredients that’ll add a kick to your travels without breaking the calorie bank.

Teriyaki chicken burger

Burgers don’t always have to come with a beef patty. The grill adds smokiness to to the sweet and tangy teriyaki chicken patty.

Basic grilled asparagus

Every crunchy bite promises health benefits that include lower blood pressure, improved digestion and weight loss.

Mediterranean sea bass

This white fish is packed with omega-3 fatty acid. Simple and uncomplicated, only a little garlic, basil and thyme is needed to complement its freshness.

With the compact Smokey Joe Charcoal Grill 37cmthat can fit in the boot of an average car, you can literally grab, go and grill.