How Do I Get The Stickers Off My Grill?


As far as we’re concerned, getting a new grill can be one of the most exciting things ever. We might be a bit biased, but we’re sure a lot of you would agree with us.

Opening the box of your brand new grill is full of excitement and anticipation. Some of you might notice that certain parts of the grill are covered in either blue or clear plastic wrapping. No, what you’re seeing is not wrapping paper; it is a protective plastic coating sometimes called visiguard. We put it on certain parts of the grill to help protect them from getting scratched during shipping.

Also, certain retailers may apply a "point of sale" sticker to models on display on the sales floor. These stickers typically list a number of the features on the grill to help educate customers when a sales associate isn't available. Retailers will sometime sell the floor models to customers with the “point of sale” sticker still attached.

Sometimes these stickers and protective coating can leave behind a sticky residue. We recommend using 91% isopropyl alcohol and a soft dish cloth to remove any residue and get your grill back into pristine condition. If you are still having a tough time removing the protective coating waving a hair dryer over the area will loosen up the plastic and make it easier to remove.

Always be sure to remove the plastic stickers before using the grill for the first time!

Happy Grilling!