Get the Power: Powering on and off iGrill Devices


No doubt, you are excited to put your iGrill Thermometer to good use. I know the feeling. The grilling universe has opened up before you. With an iGrill Thermometer, you can grill or cook anything. Never again will you worry about undercooked food.

From this point on, parties will be held in your back yard, the one with the best eats. But before you decide to tackle a pork shoulder or whole chicken, you need to master the basics. iGrill devices can be mighty tools in your arsenal if you know how to use them, so let’s start with the turning them on and off.

I’m sure you’re thinking “How hard can it be?” but we all have to start somewhere so let us begin!

First let’s look at the iGrill2. All that is required is a simple quick press of the power button, situated between the left and right arrows on the face of both devices. Immediately, you will receive confirmation in the form of “On” spelled out on the LED display, followed by a short flutter of lights and a beep. This is the iGrill2's way of showing its excitement of helping you grill and cook the perfect meal!

While the device is on, it will illuminate the temperature on the LED display, if you happen to take the smart device it’s connected to more than 30 feet away from the iGrill2, all lights on the face of the device will shut off to conserve battery life. Don’t be alarmed however, as the device will still beam information and temperature readings to your smart device!

To wake the device back up, bring your connected smart device within 5 feet of your iGrill2 or simply press one of the arrow buttons to illuminate the display. When you’re done grilling, hold down the power button to turn the device off. Once again, the device will alert you of its status by spelling out “Off” on the LED display.

Now let’s move on to the iGrill mini. This device has a simpler display, so knowing the ins and outs of how the mini device notifies you of its status is essential. The mini device has a face with a smart LED ring in the center, also acting as the device’s only button.

To power on the device, simply press that button. If you haven’t connected to a smart device yet, the smart LED ring will flash blue indicating it seeking a connection. If you already have it paired, it will flash green indicating its connected status. To power off the device, hold down the button until the ring glows white, indicating the device powering off.

The device itself will also turn off its smart LED ring when not in range of a connected smart device, but wake when in range just like the iGrill2.

So there, with the basic knowledge of these devices under your belt, you can dust off that apron and bring out the chef hat because with iGrill, you can grill or cook anything! Just remember to use a fresh set of batteries!