The Weber Way – It's What We Do


It’s fun to walk the halls of our company headquarters.  We’re going through an exciting time—continually introducing new products into people’s lives around the world.  We get asked all the time, what makes Weber® grills different?  

We could go into all of the technical nuances that make Weber grills the most SERIOUS on the market.  Like the robotic welding that produces high-quality components, allowing us to deliver 10-year and 25-year warranties on lids and cookboxes.

 Or maybe the durable, porcelain-enameled cast iron grates that retain heat for consistent and predictable cooking.  Or even the consumer service team that’s committed to helping you 352 days a year, answering your call in less than 30 seconds. 

Sure these things separate us, but there is something special about a LOVED brand like ours.  Of course (as the marketing person) I’m passionate about brands with purpose, brands that stand for something bigger than “just” delivering product to retailer shelves.  Loved brands are the ones that have something special happening “behind” the product.

Am I the only one that becomes curious after seeing an advertising campaign, wondering if the company culture feels like this commercial? Do the employees live the “words” of their advertising campaign when nobody is looking?

In our company, we describe this as the Weber Way. It’s simple.

The Weber Way is five guiding principles our founder, and the first management team, lived and breathed every day.  And these five guiding principles are alive in the hearts and minds of every Weber team member.

Winning Attitude:  Strive to be the best and win with integrity.  We invented covered barbecuing and are the most loved grill brand around the world.  We have a responsibility to produce a high-quality product.  We can never let that fire to deliver the best grilling experience for our customers burn out.

Excellence in Everything:  We are committed to excellence in everything, every time.  No exceptions. 

Be Courageous:  Our founder dared to dream big, than make it a reality.  Ideas are the easy part; it’s putting them into action that’s tough. If it weren’t for George Stephen persevering with courage during the difficult times, we wouldn’t be here.  At Weber, we’re encouraged to be courageous – to let our optimism and ingenuity lead us to new and better consumer solutions, never letting fear hold us back.

Enjoy:  Have Fun!  Love what we do and have fun at work.

Respect and Responsibility: It’s ok to disagree, as long as we’re respectful and always remain focused on working together as a team to move our brand and business forward.

We LOVE what we do because of YOU, our consumers. 

We remain humbled by your passion and interest in our products.  We realize you trust us with special moments for you and your family, and don’t take that lightly.  Every day we wake up thinking about YOUR grilling moments and how we can make SERIOUS GRILLS that deliver.  

Why Weber?  Because we put a little Weber Way into every single grill we make.  Promise, you’ll feel it!