My Extended Weber Family


While I was last in Mexico I was asked, “What is so special about the Weber kettle?”. I had to think about it for a moment, but then it came to me.  What makes the Weber kettle so special is that it brings everything together. It brings people together, cultures together, and the world together.

This was reaffirmed when I was working with Chef Alfredo Villanueva in Mexico. I was able to learn so much about the culture, flavors, and most important, the passion Mexicans have for family and great grilled food.  It was exciting to be so far away from home, but still feel like I was in my own backyard grilling with my family and friends.  

Alfredo and I had grilled prime rib, steak, and grilled cactus, along with an assortment of sides all done on Weber grills. Everything was centered around the grill and the smells, food, conversation, and laughter all made me feel right at home.

It is the same no matter where I go. Food and cultures change, but the act of grilling and the experience it creates does not. That is what is so unique about grilling. Despite language barriers and cultural differences, we all share a common bond over our love of the grill.

Throughout all my travels and no matter where I find myself, I take a look around and realize why I never feel alone. I just have to look up the balconies, in the backyards, or in the tailgate parking lots to know that my extended Weber family always surrounds me.