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Top 3 Recipes for National Seafood Month

Celebrate National Seafood Month with these favorite recipes.

1. Super quick and so tasty, grilled shrimp is a fan favorite. Check out how easy it is to grill shrimp.

2. Skin on salmon, another super simple idea perfect for the grill. Check out how to grill salmon here.

3. Another fan favorite seafood idea is always cedar planked salmon. Using a cedar plank is really easy! We have outlined 4 tips to help you get stared and included a bonus recipe from Weber's Greatest Hits. 

Get the tips on how to grill cedar planked salmon here

3 Must Have Tools

1. Cedar planks are great for salmon but did you know that you can plank lots of things?  

Your whole dinner
Chicken wings

2. Move your fish on an off the grill with ease with the wide spatula.

3. Make turning your shrimp super easy with these skewers.