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Grill trendsWatermelon steak,
medium rare

“This is why I have trust issues”—is what a commentator said when they saw a video of steak that wasn’t, well, a steak. If you haven’t seen the video of the watermelon ‘steaks’ that have flipped the Internet upside down, now’s your chance to catch up and be in the know.  

The video that’s been circulating widely on Facebook shows what looks like a loaf of beautifully seared ham sliced into thick juicy cuts, revealing ultra rare and pink insides, like an actual steak.  

The dish listed on the menu as Whole Smoked Watermelon Ham has propelled its creators at Duck’s Eatery in New York City to notoriety—even though they’re usually known for real smoked meats. Applying age-old grill techniques, they’ve somehow turned a summer fruit into a vegan dish that even meat lovers will want to slice into.  

By no means a new invention (a quick glance at Wikipedia reference links show that watermelon steaks have been around since at least 2008),  the restaurant’s chef and owner William Horowitz himself said that the techniques only seem strange, “but are actually pretty normal”.  

What’s involved, you ask? First, the watermelon is brined in a solution of coriander, oregano salt and oakwood ash for four days. Typically, the process of brining allows the ‘meat’ to absorb extra liquid and salt, producing a final dish that’s more flavorsome.  

When the brining is done, the watermelon is removed, dried and then smoked for a slow eight hours. During this time, the watermelon is constantly basted with a mixture of its own juices, rosemary and olive oil. Though the ingredients are inexpensive, the long process of four to six days is perhaps why it costs 75 USD, and serves only up to five people.

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Whether you want to make it out of curiosity, scheming to pull a prank on friends you’re inviting over, or want to fire up your new plant-based diet, watermelons are a delicious way to add variety to your grill. Don’t take our word for it, put our Watermelon Salsaon the fire!