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5 Grill Tricks For Cold DaysPerfecting Grilling

Baby, it’s pouring outside! Enjoy the taste of summer even when the skies are gloomy and the torrential rain is unrelenting. But before you fire up that grill, there are some things you need to keep in mind so that you can achieve the same perfect results during your cook.

1. Keep out of the wind’s way

Whether if it’s behind a wall or simply keeping windows closed when you’re grilling with the Q in your apartment, figure out where the wind is coming from and reposition your grill so that you’re positioned away from it.

2. Give it more time

Cooler temperatures means you’ll need more than the usual amount of time to heat up your grill—both gas and charcoal—and to cook your food. So start cooking for planned dinners a little earlier.

3. Prepare more fuel

Your grill will be working harder to maintain the heat, so make sure you have more charcoal on standby. An extra tank of gas wouldn’t hurt too if you’re already halfway through the current one.

4. Keep the lid down

Those who’ve grilled with a Weber know that keeping the lid closed is essential to a good grill. Not only do you keep the delicious smokey flavor in, you maintain the heat to ensure an even cook. If you’re not sure whether your meat is done, achieve a more precise cook and check the internal temperature of your food with an instant-read thermometer without cutting into it your dish.

5. Off the grill heat

Don’t let your food get cold when you transfer it from your grill to the dining table. You can use a pre-heated cast iron pan, but make sure to take out your meat just before it’s completely done as the meat will continue cooking on the heated pan. Ceramic cookware is also great for heat retention and can keep your food at temperature.