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Top 10 Grilled Thanksgiving Sides

You’ve already got an awesome turkey on your Weber, now add some extra flavor to your plate with these top Thanksgiving side ideas.

1.  If you love beer, you will love this grilled stout stuffing.

2.  Twice baked planked potatoes…yes please!

3.  Mashed sweet potatoes

4.  Impress your guests with these Hasselback potatoes.

5.  Healthy never tasted so good with these cider glazed veggies.

6.  Grill your green beans before adding them to a classic casserole.

7.  Keep your asparagus lined up on the grill for best results.

8.  These Brussels sprouts will have your guests begging for seconds!

9.  Grill up a side salad.

10.  Add some smoked gravy to your favorite mashed potatoes. 

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