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4 Things You Need to Know to Master Charcoal Grilling

The new Weber Briquettes raise the bar in the world of charcoal grilling and smoking. These are premium, all natural briquettes that burn long and strong so your food tastes

Once you get a bag and are ready to fire up the grill, keep in mind these top tips to become a charcoal grill master. Be sure to share pictures of what you're grilling with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

#1 No more lighter fluid! Ever! Light your briquettes the quick and easy way with a chimney starter


# 2 Know the difference between direct and indirect grilling! 

#3 Close the lid! Keep that delicious smokey flavor in the grill by keeping the lid closed as much as possible. 

#4 - Enhance the flavor by using smoke - the right type at the right time makes all the difference!