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Top 10 Holiday Sides

You’ve already picked out an awesome holiday dinner, now add some extra flavor to your plate with these tasty sides.

1.  Green bean casserole with grilled green beans and onions, what’s not to love.

2.  Double baked sweet potatoes with cheddar and maple…yum!

3.  Everyone will love these Brussels sprouts with a balsamic browned butter sauce.

4.  Twice-baked planked potatoes, no need to say more.

5.  Here is another awesome potato option, twice-baked and stuffed potatoes.

6.  Grill some veggies such as zucchini

7.  Planked foods always seem to wow guests, especially this Portobello mushroom.

8.  If you need any more planking ideas, try out these tomatoes.

9.  You can’t go wrong with a side salad.

10. A seasonal roasted butternut squash hash looks great on the dinner table.

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