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Top 10 Healthy Grilling Ideas For 2016

Here are 10 tried and true ideas for grilling healthy in the new year!

Grill cedar planked salmon.

Or any type of fish.

Try planked chicken.

How amazing do grilled zucchini boats sound?

This one plank dinner has portion control written all over it.

Try this vegetable stacked “Napoleon” with layers of grilled fork tender potatoes, vibrant asparagus, skewers of tender grilled chicken, crumbled goat cheese and then finished with a drizzle of tangy lemon-tarragon vinaigrette.

Enhance your veggies with this cider glaze.

These Brussels sprouts are a hit. 

I love tomatoes so much that sometimes they are my meal.

Make this creamy red pepper dip with grilled pita wedges.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!