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Top 3 recipes that will help you enjoy the fall grilling weather!Must Try Pork Recipes for Fall

Fall is in the air and we have rounded up our best recipes and tools for grilling/smoking pork. 

Top 3 Pork Recipes for Fall

1. What is not to love about a good pork chop with a port cherry sauce?
Pork Chops with Port Cherry Sauce

2. Learn how to smoke a pork shoulder straight from our head Grill Master, Kevin Kolman.
Perfectly Smoked Pork Shoulder

3. What is more fall than a whiskey glazed pork chop and apple dinner? 
Whiskey-Mustard Pork Chops with Grilled Apples

3 Must Have Tools

1. iGrill
If you are grilling/smoking pork, I would recommend getting yourself an iGrill. Depending on the cut, pork can take a long time to get to temperature, so monitoring it via your phone by using iGrill is a super efficient. iGrill will send an alert to your phone to let you know when you have hit a preset temperature, believe me, this will come in handy, you don't want to be opening the lid every few minutes! If you are smoking, you can also set-up an ambient probe through the iGrill to monitor the temperature of the smoker. 

Check out the iGrill 2 here: iGrill 2

2. Woods
Want to add some smoke to your pork?  I have a whole blog about which woods go with what that you can check out here. The great news is that all 5 of our woods go really well with pork. You can get the woods in chips for shorter cooks or chunks for long smoking sessions. 

3. Tools
I also recommend getting yourself a good set of our tools. You can either get just the tongs or go with the 2-piece tool set for more versatility by having a tong and a spatula. 

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